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Services Warehousing and Logistics

We make warehousing and logistics simple

The logistics of shipping, receiving, warehouse inventory, and tracking present unique issues for organizations.

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warehousing and logistics services

Many companies lack the capital to invest in the large-scale logistics, including transportation and warehouse operations, needed to expand their business. Other companies need to eliminate the cost of paying for a whole warehouse when they only need part of the space.

The range of Chainlogix logistics services covers everything from coordinating with your 3PL partner or warehouse, to securely storing and shipping your products exactly when they need to be there.

Chainlogix provides warehousing and logistics services that can effectively control your inventory, mitigate unforeseen market disruptions and down lines, and assure you have a safe stock supply at all times. We have expertise in maintaining safety stock and help you reduce the risk of being out of stock if sales increase or suppliers are delayed. Chainlogix provides you with just-in-time supply while holding your just-in-case inventory.


You need to reduce, or even outsource, your storage responsibilities by allowing someone else to store your products. We have warehouses and partner warehouses located across the country. We also work hand-in-hand with your existing third-party logistics service providers.

We give you real-time insight into the products we warehouse for you. We have the tools and expertise to effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage your warehouse needs so you can lower your costs, optimize storage, and keep your customers happy. Our services help you make fewer errors and have fewer problems, and that means maximized revenue for you.

When your warehouse operations run smoothly, inventory is properly accounted for, the right item is sent at the right time, stock is replenished when needed, fewer picking errors occur, and all the people, processes, and systems fall into place as they should.


It’s all about getting your product to the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility.

An effective partner should be able to move your product quickly and efficiently.  We understand the local markets, transportation systems, and regulations needed to make your logistics not just painless but also cost-contained. For globally-sourced freight shipping, we handle customs clearance and export documents for a hassle-free entry of products into the U.S.

We prioritize quality above all else in our logistics service. You receive a transparent, full-service approach, special attention to your individual needs, and highly competitive pricing.

It is our mission to ensure your products are delivered on time. Our JIT inventory solutions utilize lead time evaluation, assuring that we meet our customers' production and delivery requirements. We take pride in our safety stock inventory management, which is why your brand reputation and customer loyalty remain strong when your partner with us.

Your manufacturing partner

At Chainlogix, we’re committed to delivering impactful results that meet—and exceed—your expectations. 

Through our strategic partnerships, a firm commitment to unsurpassed customer care, worldwide sourcing capabilities, and offices in the USA and China, we’ve become industry leaders in outsourced supply chain management and outsourced manufacturing. Our solutions and evidence-based approach to problem-solving help clients achieve a sustainable reduction in their total acquisition costs and build supply chain resilience.

As your dedicated partner, we will be with you at the start of your journey, and every step along the way. Nothing will get in the way of you and your success.

Together, we’ll navigate the hazards, traverse the rough patches, and overcome all the obstacles to arrive at long-lasting success, operational efficiency, and financial stability.

Let’s start our journey together today. Contact us today.


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