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How We Can Help Innovation


Sometimes the mousetrap can be built better.

For manufacturers, how you design products is essential to your success. Poor or substandard designs can delay your projects and increase your costs due to factors like complexity, parts, steps, and waste.


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Specialized expertise, experience, and equipment are required to realize the results you want when it comes to product design and value engineering. New Product Introduction (NPI) and redesigns demand time, resources, and knowledge you might not have right now.

Finding and keeping the right suppliers is critical. Your suppliers need to be agile and responsive enough to satisfy your exacting requirements for service.​

Sometimes, doing things a little differently can lead to big results for your operation.

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can envision a new path, a new style, a new perspective – new ways of pushing boundaries, testing limits, getting things done faster, doing business better, and creating operational success.

We can help you do all that.

We make your ideas a reality. Let’s push boundaries together.

Chainlogix offers an extensive portfolio of capabilities to provide you with the precise combination of high-quality, innovative services that you need. We have the experience and expertise to help you succeed in a complex global manufacturing marketplace.

Our outstanding experts and supplier partners are engaged, creative problem solvers who tirelessly and relentlessly work with you as long as it takes to develop and deliver the custom solutions you need to be successful.

We’re always looking for a better way to get things done and be successful.

Here’s how Chainlogix helps you innovate and push boundaries:

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We work alongside your engineers to identify the optimal solutions for any design or redesign you have. Our supplier partners bring in-depth knowledge of new technologies in manufacturing, material, and process – resulting in new and groundbreaking opportunities for your organization.

Chainlogix leverages its partners' engineers and technicians to augment, streamline, enhance and enrich the functionality and aesthetics of your products. We help optimize your designs and reduce the number of parts and components in your products to eliminate high development, tooling, overall production, and assembly costs.​

You have great ideas, and with our help, you're able to implement them faster than ever. The faster you bring your products to market, the better you maintain your competitive edge and the more you can sell. You can count on us to improve lead time, ensure smooth manufacturing, and deliver high-quality products.​

We help you eliminate cost overruns, quality issues, and long delays. We also are committed to reducing your material waste and the number of steps in your manufacturing process and assembly.​

We develop a plan that helps you drive quality performance during pre-production work, improve the agility of your operation, and foster end-to-end collaboration.​

The Chainlogix Advantage

Chainlogix is ready to be your committed manufacturing partner. For us, it’s all about you. 

When you partner with Chainlogix to support your outsourced manufacturing, we promise you custom-tailored solutions that lead to meaningful cost savings, unparalleled assurance of supply, and exceptionally responsive customer support. We promise transparency throughout the entire process. We put your success first—your priorities are our priorities.

We are relentless problem solvers, and we also happen to love what we do. With our experienced, well-connected, expert staff, we can overcome any obstacle – time zones, languages, complex manufacturing issues, and confusing supply chain challenges. We’ve been operating since 1998, nearly a quarter-century of delivering high-quality, long-lasting solutions that lead to superior results. We take great care with all our partners to get the job done and get it done right. You receive superior stewardship and management of the supply chain on your behalf. We prioritize ongoing, long-lasting, fruitful partnerships that lead to operational efficiency and financial stability.

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